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Social Media Marketing

With our strategic social media campaigns, engage your audience with your business
and convert them into a loyal client!

Our Process

Our online networking promoting process guarantees that your business gets a web-based social networking advertising effort particularly customized to your business' objectives.

  • Find out about the customer's business, site, social nearness, and rivals with a specific end goal to give clear documentation to be utilized all through every single other phase of the undertaking.

    Venture Brief

    Characterize customer data and business objectives, alongside all expected data to make fitting documentation for every social media advertising endeavors

    Gathering of people Research

    Utilize promotion devices to recognize crowd sizes in view of catchphrases, interests, and influencers

     Audience Research
     Audience Research
    Focused Analysis

    Characterize contenders over every single social medium stages, recognize the systems they're dynamic on in view of industry watchword research and customer interviews

    Social Audit

    Make pattern for current social execution in light of investigation information and online networking observing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Online networking presents can be utilized on drive focused on activity. Making another page on your site resembles taking a truly extraordinary selfie. You need the world to see it and relax in its brightness, however you would prefer not to ask for consideration (or more awful, pay for it). That is the reason for selfies and points of arrival, very much set online networking posts can have a significant effect. We've seen a solitary connection on Reddit drive more than 20,000 guests in a single end of the week and connections submitted to StumbleUpon can take a page that was reliably winning a modest bunch of guests daily and increment that number to hundreds.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Marketing offers great advantages when it comes to targeting a brand's target audience. There are a number of techniques you can use to efficiently reach your desired audience:

  • Easily share content through Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other Web 2.0 websites

Channels for Social Media Integration

  • Account Login / Registration

    • Facebook Connect / Open Graph
    • Google Connect
    • Twitter Connect
    • OpenID
  • Community Building

    • Facebook Friend Connect
    • Google Friend Connect
  • Onsite Content

    • Twitter Status RSS Feeds
    • Google Profile
    • Facebook Profile Badge

Examples of Social Media Integration

  • Goal

    A women's online magazine wishes to better connect its users to each other and make it easier for them to login and share stories and comments with the rest of the world.


    Blue Fountain Media integrates both Twitter Connect & Facebook Connect (now called Open Graph) to allow users to log in using either system. Now readers can easily "Like" stories, notifying their friend automatically. Readers can also connect with other Facebook users who read similar stories.

Social Media Mistakes

People are connected to each other more than ever before on social media platforms, engaging in conversations about your brand and industry. As a result, it's no surprise that social media campaigns can be a bit overwhelming, but if you stay clear of these common mistakes you'll be well on your way to effective social media marketing.

  • Ignoring It All Together

    Social networking and blogging are two of the most popular online activities, beating out other online actions like personal email. 67% of global users visit member communities and 10% of all time spent on the internet is on social media networks. On a daily basis, individuals are likely talking about your company and its branding. Taking the time to listen, and conduct thorough social media monitoring is important to any successful social media effort.